One, color
Two, layout
Three. Express the topic clearly
Today, with my hand written on several laws of plane design, my own law is not right.
First, pay attention to the font.
Whether it's a sign or a typesetting. As a sign, sometimes graphics are secondary. Fonts can help you solve many problems, learn hard and master the design of fonts.
Two, or a font.
Everything is inseparable from the layout, all formats are inseparable from the font. As the most outstanding representative of Oriental culture, you need to think carefully about Chinese characters.
At the very beginning, you'd better think of it as a song or a blackbody. Under special circumstances, you should consider whether you choose the font other than the two big font. To put it simply, the song style is very strict, solemn, and honourable; it is very modern, neatly and very simple.
Secondly, the spacing between typefaces is better than conventional spacing. With "0" as the standard, you better take "-50", which can be applied to the title type typesetting. As a large area of text typesetting, it also needs to narrow the spacing of the font a little. The sparse spacing can not complete the task of easy reading, instead, it will make the eyes tired. Grasp the difference between "compactness" and "sparsity".
Finally, the height of the font, preferably pressed, is squashed, so that Chinese characters will look more like Chinese characters.
That's right. Let's try it. It's all very simple.
Three, format.
If you don't have enough skills or time, you'd better use a safe typesetting. Remember, in business design, do not easily try to exaggerate the leaping format, the more random and the more random, the more time you need, you need a very solid foundation, and you need to deal with all the details that have already appeared, and create more details. In a plane, the distance between the two elements can be extended to infinity, but you must have enough strength to prevent them from going out of bounds. The more difficult it is, the harder it is, not the opposite.
Four, back to the "steady" format, the most important point is: rhythm.
What is rhythm? Because different, all have rhythm. Contrast, contrast, whether it is an area or color, or the structure is good, do not all the same, and do not have the same, otherwise, there is no rhythm. You can understand the rhythm in typesetting with how the note produces melody.
Five, color.
If you want to improve, try to discard the orthodox red, yellow, blue and green bar. The feeling of color is basically gifted. But you can also cultivate, if you love watching movies, pay more attention to the masters' movies, look at the color in it, and take a look at Wong Kar Wai's movies, each of which is a color science. In the plane design, the color is what? The color is not red, yellow, blue and green, the color is the mood, each kind of color choice and the modulation, is each kind of mood expression. So, the most important thing is that you must be a very emotional person.