VI is synthesized by simple lines and characters, and can be hyped by big media. You may not remember the name of a company, but you can easily identify a company's VI, so you have publicity effect. This sign is like the door of a company. People look at the logo of the company, they can know the business of the company, they can know the business characteristics of the company. Secondly, it is the most developed city in the south. It is an open leader. You can rely on logo design.
Secondly, we all know that signs are becoming more and more popular, and many companies use logo seals when they cooperate. Many associations use their own unique logo to attract more people to join them. Many educational institutions will also incorporate school ideas into school signs to attract more students to school. Many young people also use their own unique signs to express their personalities, differences and so on. The logo design, therefore, has been popular, logo is not only a symbol, or just a word, it contains the principle of an enterprise or unit of management philosophy, we can not underestimate a small sign, meaning it represents not only by the naked eye we can know that we want to experience with our hearts if you don't understand this business, it is impossible to understand its meaning. Maybe sometimes a VI design looks simple, but its lines, its text may not be the same, then do you dare to see a small VI?
This year, many designers have to live on their own party suffered torture, created their own independent brands, to shoulder the ideal tothrive. But when real reality is done, it is found that it is far from simple.
Excellent visual design must be designed and implemented, because VI is a fast and convenient way to spread business philosophy, establish business reputation and shape business image. VI is the visual recognition, the perception of the external information, 83% is through the visual channel to the people's mind. That is to say, vision is the most important and most important channel for people to accept external information.
VI应用的要素非常广泛,包括企业视觉识别的方方面面。对于企业来 讲,vi设计至关重要。
The elements of the VI application are very wide, including all aspects of enterprise vision recognition. For enterprises, VI design is very important.