Logo design itself belongs to the field of business design. Customers convey information and audiences receive information. Logo is like a signal, so designers must understand what information the customer needs to convey to the target audience and what is the best way for the audience to communicate. For a logo, "success" is the main standard to determine whether a logo is successful. A sign that can not only catch people's sight, but also convey the essence of an enterprise is an excellent sign evaluation standard. Therefore, the communication effectiveness of logo in this business activity is crucial.
  Simple logo design often has more powerful communication effect. The concise and powerful logo must go through layers of refinement, and the final form of expression must be the most necessary and essential, which is the core after removing all details. Signs need to convey the most basic semantics and the most concise form, while simple and direct design is often easy to accept and remember. It turns out that most excellent Ogo products have clear semantics and simple shapes, such as Mercedes Benz, Coca Cola, Nike
  How to keep the logo simple?
  Logo design with simple shape and fuzzy meaning is easy, logo design with complex shape and rich meaning is also easy, while logo design with simple shape and clear expression is difficult. The sign itself is a compound word, which is the combination of form and meaning. "Shape" refers to the shape of logo, including modeling color and other factors; "meaning" refers to the semantic content to be expressed by logo, generally refers to the symbolic meaning of logo. Form is closely related to meaning, and subtly related. Recommended reading: excellent logo design and application of "object form"