The thinking steps of logo design are as follows:
  First, determine the main functions of the logo. Trademarks represent your brand by using shapes, fonts, colors, and images. Identifying why you need a logo can guide your design.
  Think about your target market. It's important to identify who your customers are and customize the look of the logo to attract those who will use your service. Florist logos can include fancy fonts and bright color schemes; it's a bad car body shop. The law firm logo must convey integrity and strength; it does not necessarily fit the look of the catering company.
  3. Decide whether to merge the company name into the logo. Of course, you want to build your company's popularity, but it may not always be a good idea, including the name as part of Suzhou logo design. If the name is quite unique, but has not yet become a household word, or if your marketing funds are limited, your goal is to build awareness, including it. If the name is too broad, too long, not well translated around the world, or lack of personality, do not include it. If you have to brand a product, such as a sneaker or handbag, don't name it.
  Consider all the different ways you plan to use the logo. Imagine the minimum size you might need; if the logo is unreadable when the company name is the size of the icon, it's best to remove it from the design.
  5. 遵循公司的配色方案。如果你的公司在标志、广告和其他材料中使用了某些颜色,那么这些颜色在标志中反映出来是很重要的。持续使用颜色增加熟悉度。你希望顾客在心里把你的商标和公司联系起来。如果你的公司用特定的颜色来装饰自己,公众就会下意识地联想到这些颜色。如果你对你的生意没有一个清晰的配色方案,做一些关于色彩心理学的研究,这样你就可以做出适当的选择。例如,红色意味着力量、激情、能量和信心,但它也可能意味着危险。
  5. Follow the company's color scheme. If your company uses certain colors in logos, advertisements and other materials, it is important that these colors are reflected in the logo. Continue to use color to increase familiarity. You want customers to connect your brand to the company in their hearts. If your company decorates itself with specific colors, the public will subconsciously associate these colors. If you don't have a clear color scheme for your business, do some research on color psychology so that you can make the right choice. For example, red means power, passion, energy and confidence, but it can also mean danger.
  Be inspired, but don't copy the signs of success. While it may be tempting to create something that looks like your favorite corporate logo, it will send a surprising message to your audience that you are lazy and uninspired. View the logos of other businesses similar to you. Ask yourself what you like and don't like. What works, what doesn't. Don't be overwhelmed by too many examples - 10 or 12 are enough to let you know what to do and what to avoid. The symbol of success should be simple, unforgettable, eternal and appropriate. When you have ideas, make them your goals. If you're trying to find ideas, try searching for different keywords online or using thesaurus to move your ideas in new directions.
  7. 涂鸦。画些草图,和他们一起玩。用不同的字体写下关键词。看看这个景象是否触发了一个想法。
  7. graffiti. Draw some sketches and play with them. Write down keywords in different fonts. See if the scene triggers an idea.
  Make things simple. Logo design is a constraint. Although it's tempting to try to convey a lot of information in your design, too many attempts will undermine the success of your logo.
  Avoid using too many colors, multiple fonts, and layered images. Confusing or confusing signals do not convey a clear message.
  The above is the steps of logo design. If you have the requirements of Jinan VI design, you can click our official website for consultation: http://www.faces.cn
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