LOGO设计也应与实践联系起来。 在学习了设计理论之后,有必要实践和总结实践经验,以使设计更好。  LOGO设计也是要遵循的规则,设计人员可以使用四种主要的LOGO创意设计方法来创建百万级的LOGO。
  Logo design should also be linked with practice. After learning the design theory, it is necessary to practice and summarize the practical experience in order to make the design better. LOGO design is also a rule to follow. Designers can use four main LOGO creative design methods to create a million-level LOGO.
  First, the significance of departure
  1. Beginning of Meaning: Symbolism
  It uses visual graphic symbols to evoke memories of abstract meanings, concepts or emotions.
  为了正确传达理解和理解的含义,象征性标志是指根据一个的特定文化和宗教而具有相同生活环境的人。 它可以用动物或符号表达,暗含表达理想和气质。
  In order to correctly convey the meaning of understanding and understanding, symbolic signs refer to people who have the same living environment according to the specific culture and religion of a country. It can be expressed by animals or symbols, implying the expression of ideals and temperament.
  2. Beginning of Meaning: Representation
  Metaphorically, one or a group of symbols is used to represent another meaning of parallelism.
  隐喻在本质或关系上建立了两者之间的共性。 隐喻的标志是使用A来说出B的过程,从侧面说出问题,并使读者参与Lenovo来完成整个设计过程。
  Metaphor establishes commonalities between them in essence or in relation. Metaphorical symbols are the use of A to describe the process of B, from the side of the problem, and to engage the reader in Lenovo to complete the entire design process.
  This avatar is very interesting and has cultural and artistic imagination.
  3. The Starting Point of Meaning: Stories
  Story is to use the characters or symbols in the story as the elements of logo design, borrow the wide spread of the story, convey the enterprise concept or industry characteristics, and promote development.
  Based on the public's understanding of the story, the story method has a good dissemination effect.
  How to design LOGO in four main creative ways?
  2. Video card startup
  1. Graphic deviation: graphic symbols
  图形徽标应在选择主题时使用人们熟悉的元素,并在此基础上创建个性。 熟悉的元素会影响人们的视觉神经,引起共鸣和深度记忆。
  Graphic logos should use familiar elements when choosing themes and create personality on this basis. Familiar elements can affect people's visual nerves, causing resonance and deep memory.
  我们周围有许多现成的标志。 引入原始的流行元素可以塑造公司的亲密关系,并增加公司的个性和差异。
  There are many ready-made signs around us. The introduction of primitive popular elements can shape the company's intimate relationship, and increase the company's personality and differences.
  2. Graphic deviation: pictograms
  Pictograms based on graphic logos begin to simplify and improve morphological symbols to convey key information.
  3. Graphic deviation: Abstract logo
  Designers create a graphic to express the meaning and vision of the business.
  Third, the beginning of the text
  1. Text departure: English logo
  与图形标记相比,文本标记的一个优点是查看者可以“阅读”他们看到的内容,在通信介质中产生一致性,并实现听觉和视觉的统一。 因此,国际大企业普遍采用英语。 该徽标还在国内平房中创建了一组国际企业。
  Compared with graphic markers, one advantage of text markers is that viewers can "read" what they see, generate consistency in communication media, and achieve the unity of hearing and vision. Therefore, English is widely used in large international enterprises. The logo has also created a group of international enterprises in domestic bungalows.
  Graphic signs with visual appeal.
  The word trademark wins the combination of hearing and vision.