Logo has almost come into our life, everywhere, everywhere. If you pay attention to it, you will find that many brands like to use red or blue. Is there any magic in these two colors, which makes the people around the brand so fascinated, just for the following reasons?
  In terms of the meaning of color
  From the implicit meaning of the representative of color, that is, its implication for the human mind, blue often makes people feel rational. Therefore, consumers or user groups tend to have more rational personality. And red gives people the feeling of enthusiasm, excitement, heart rate and immediate action, so red is suitable for consumer impulse and stimulation. Therefore, many Internet technology companies, financial companies, education companies will choose the blue logo, they need to give consumers a sense of security and trust. However, some e-commerce platforms or catering enterprises often choose the red logo, they need consumers to consume immediately.
  Of course, some brands don't follow recipe cards.
  Although blue is an appetite-depriving color, Pepsi Cola still uses blue as its dominant color and red as its complementary color. The contrast is strong and the curve forms a sense of rhythm. Soft, lightweight, self-proud temperament, a good expression of brand culture: youth, interest, vitality.
  It also has a lot of business with Red and Blue, such as Youku and Carrefour. Jinan logo design media is rich
  Generally speaking, the color marked by blue and red is suitable for both men and women, young and old. It is undoubtedly the most assured and bold for the brand. As a brand logo, logo is very important for enterprises to stay in the hearts of consumers. The choice of color cannot be ignored. Choosing the right color and building brand image have half the effect!