It has always been curious: why Apple's personal brand is to bite an apple, until now, occasionally think about it, only to notice that biting an apple, 100% very sad, very sad.
  Apple's brand came from World War I and World War II. The beginning was far away: the Allies launched a super-secret operation, intentionally obtaining Germany's most confidential communication cryptography for a long time. In the fifth grade of Cambridge, two young graduates, Turing, set up the Galaxy computer. First, it should be enough to solve the problem that Germany believes there is no way to crack the code. We must understand the mysterious power of some German submarines to destroy Germany's original contract and make a decisive commitment to the future elimination of German rivals.
  The hardest part is the bad ending: the four most important people who join the team are unlucky every time. The reyewski pole, the key program of cryptography, would not trust the Party after the war. When it was sent to the government for reception, there was no business opportunity to do cryptography in life. Friedman cracked Japan's top secret code. After the war, his nerve endings were scattered everywhere, and he could never understand why microbes could not adapt to the Japanese code he cracked.
  It is expected that after the Pearl Harbor incident, Schmidt, a German cryptographic machine sold to the Allies for $10,000, will be slowly shot by the Germans 42 years later.
  In particular: "Jared Turing's fate is the most tragic. After the competition, he returned to Cambridge University in fifth grade to engage in covert consumption homosexuality, which was convicted of felony abroad. In 1952, he was arrested for having sex with a 19-year-old man. Foreign towns gave him six treatments for homosexuality - either in prison or agreeing to let domestic and foreign scholars test hormone therapy.
  He received hormone therapy, but it pained him and enlarged his chest. On June 8, 1954, Turing, 42, ushered in the most brilliant peak of his life. In the morning, when the housekeeper came into his bedroom, the pillow was still on. An Apple was found in his bed. Turing was sleeping at the Beijing Olympic Games. This time, however, Turing fell asleep forever. After autopsy, the forensic doctor must be a lethal cyanide. Ask the apple to soak it in cyanide solution.
  But all that remained was poison suicide, and Turing could no longer stand it. The people who tortured and humiliated Turing set up cyanide in the same technical laboratory, injected it into an apple, and then took a bite at the same station.
  A few minutes later he died and disappeared. Only four people attended his funeral, followed by his mother, a generation of geniuses, and it was all over. Nearly two years after his death, foreign laws criminalizing homosexuality were repealed.
  Years ago, we had every reason to remember Turing forever, not because of his meticulous narrative in Super Action, but because of his outstanding contribution to creating PC technology exchanges that describe the information age in detail.
  Forty-eight years after Turing's death, Steve Jobs, his travel companion, called himself Apple, and many people thought that part of Apple was his location. Personal positioning is a complicated and confusing apple. We should understand some meanings of people, such as Morning Star.