Every time we communicate with our customers, we will encounter a repeated customer question: "How can your price be so high?" How expensive is a picture? It seems that some platforms can do it for 100 yuan. So simple a picture, at most an hour or two. How is it so expensive???
  Why is trademark design so expensive?
  Look at the relevant laws
  WOW, the cost of a trademark design is 200,000, which is fantastic for domestic customers. The price of 10,000 logo designs in Taiwan is not expensive at all. The reason is that there are clear rules in Taiwan's law: "Those who attempt to defraud others shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or a fine of not more than NT$200,000.
  1. In the same commodity or similar commodity, the same or similar pattern of a registered trademark shall be used.
  2. For advertisements, labels, illustrations, price lists or other documents relating to the same or similar commodities, they are displayed or distributed with the same or similar designs of other registered trademarks.
  In this way, the design of plagiarism and piracy can not be confused. Logo design has become a risky job. The design must be done by professional personnel, and the customers must face risks. Compared with the fine of 200,000 yuan, it's really reasonable to charge 10,000 yuan for a logo design. If the client is unwilling to spend the money, he can either find a design book and paint by himself, undertake it by himself, or find a bold designer, and finally send him to prison.
  From the customer's point of view
  1. If the customer is going to fight guerrilla, play, ready to close down at any time, it really does not suggest that he do 10,000 design, purple sauce is a bit wasteful, I copied it. If you are going to be a 100-year enterprise, it is really worth the money to collect 10,000 logo design fees once a hundred years.
  2. We help customers to do brand design, logo design and packaging design, which is to help customers make money. If you open a snack stand, I'm sorry, you can directly find a typewritten copy shop. They have tens of thousands of template deformation without charge. If you want to be the top 500 in the world or in China, it's really cost-effective to buy a high-quality brand image for 10,000 yuan, compared with the money to buy a speeding car or BMW to talk about business. This little money can't be spent, so make a friend. It doesn't make sense to do brand design.
  From the perspective of design company
  1. Customers always want to get a different plan from the design company. They have a brilliant proposal and a lot of designers and customer managers turn around. Let's take a look at the cost of a pleasant customer's exposure to demand: well-dressed customer staff (preferably a few beautiful women), experienced designers, a large conference room, unlimited coffee, making fine samples, and maintaining the heat of intense discussion of demand (that is, meals). OK, in case there is no cooperation, we can't let our customers spit out.
  2. Make a good original plan, design company needs to do a lot of homework before, including customer products, industry analysis, competitor analysis, market research, good returns, ability to ensure that the design company to design the brand rigorously and scientifically, and ultimately benefit customers. Compared with the profit of Victory Brand of one million a year, 10,000 is almost cabbage.
  如今看来为什么在台湾1万的标志设计报价一点也不贵,况且这还是在台湾,在国内,很多二三线城市标志设计的可能连五千都不到。从另一个角度看,这也是为什么台湾的企业很容易做出品牌,做成胜利的大公司,而台湾的设计行业也能坚持原创性并不时有好的创意的缘由。 关键问题,不在价钱,在于您花这个小钱值不值,设计行内有句真实话,好的设计公司会帮你处理问题,差的设计公司,不但处理不了问题,还会帮你制造问题。好坏利害,都讲了,选择与否看您。不要只顾眼前的价钱,而疏忽我们的设计给您带来的宏大价值!
  Now it seems why the quotation of 10,000 logo designs in Taiwan is not expensive at all. Moreover, it is still in Taiwan. In China, many second-and third-tier city logo designs may be less than 5,000. From another point of view, this is why Taiwan's enterprises are easy to make brands and become big winners, and Taiwan's design industry can also adhere to originality and sometimes good creativity. The key problem is not the price, but the small money you spend is not worth it. There is a truth in the design industry. Good design companies will help you deal with problems. Poor design companies will not only deal with problems, but also help you create problems. The pros and cons are all discussed. The choice depends on you. Don't just pay attention to the current price, but neglect the great value of our design to you!