I'm afraid I don't need to bother about the importance of logo to a brand. We can get in touch with a lot of logos every day, so what are the criteria for judging whether a logo is good or bad? Aidu Brand Marketing Planning has found several norms.
  评价Logo 好坏的四个维度
  Four Dimensions of Evaluating Logo
  Easy to find
  We live in a world where hundreds of advertisements come into our sight consciously or unconsciously every day. If we add other kinds of information, our brains are busy all the time. A person's attention is limited. In order to cope with the impact of information, our brain learns to subtract.
  Our brains respond to something that has no characteristics or features, let alone pay attention to it.
  因此,品牌Logo首先要做到的不是美丽,而是“亮眼”,可以让人们在众多商品中锋芒毕露,被“一眼”看到。如果你的Logo直接被无视掉,那么这个Logo 又有什么意义呢?
  Therefore, the first thing to do for brand logo is not to be beautiful, but to be "bright", so that people can show their vanguard in many commodities and be seen "at a glance". If your logo is ignored directly, what's the point of this logo?
  Gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory
  When logo is successfully seen by customers, the next thing to do is to let customers remember that a simple logo can reduce the cost of implementation.
  The logo that never forgets must have enough influence. When customers see the logo, the symbol must be engraved in their minds and can't be driven away. That's the purpose of the influence.
  Facilitate separation
  Logo also has an important role to play, which is partitioning. The so-called segregation is not a distinction with similar products, but a functional distinction. For example, the sign of a restaurant is to separate itself from banks, bookstores, cinemas and so on, so that customers can see at a glance that it is a place to eat.
  Academically speaking, Logo should have the function of "referring" so that people can know what you are doing at a glance.
  Extension oriented
  外延导向简略地说就是,Logo 的内在并不重要,重要的是能带来什么效果。
  Extension orientation, in short, is that the intrinsic nature of Logo is not important, but what effect it can bring.
  Many planners always emphasize how culturally intrinsic an element is when planning logos, but unless most people understand it, the intrinsic is useless. When the logo's interior is only recognized in the planning circle, it's not interior, because customers don't understand it. We should always understand the purpose of Logo planning, that is, to show customers, customers can not understand, what else to plan?