In VI planning company, want to do a good set of beautiful VI planning, in addition to layout and planning sense, but also understand the selection and use of color, unified color will give people a sense of entirety, so that customers leave the brand image. In the process of color selection, we not only need to consider the beauty, differences and other characteristics, but also need to consider whether the emotional associations brought by color fit the characteristics of enterprises.
So what kind of emotional association can different colors bring to people?
Next, the Hei Cao VI planning company gives you a detailed understanding of color emotion.
Red color
Red is the simplest reminiscence of the sun, flame, blood, flowers, feeling warm, exciting, vivid, enthusiastic, active, expectations, loyalty, health, full, full, beautiful and other upward tendencies, but together is also considered to be naive, primitive, violent, coercive, vulgar signs. Red has always been the traditional festive color of our country.
Pure color mental characteristics: warm-hearted, vivid, eye-catching, enthusiastic, gorgeous, exhausting, beautiful, auspicious, innovative, just, joyful and so on, together give people a horrifying mind.
Pure color and white mental characteristics: gentle, pleasant, sweet, soft, dreamland, beautiful, elegant feeling, almost become a woman's exclusive color, together give a naive, delicate mind.
Pure color plus black: gives people dry, stubborn, eccentric, thin and weak, worry, uneasiness, arbitrary mind.
Orange and red are both warm colors with the characteristics between red and yellow. They are the common sweet colors in clothing. They are also the favorite colors for many customers, especially women, children and young people. Orange's stimulating effect is not as big as red, but its visual acuity and gaze are also very high, both red enthusiasm, and yellow light, vivid temperament, is the color people like all over.
Pure color mental characteristics: flame, bright, warm, rich, sweet, like, exciting, excited, full of strength, arouse people's appetite, together give people impetuous, jealous, questioning, sad thoughts.
Pure color and white: give people a tender, warm, warm, tender, careful, lightsome, kindly mind.
Pure color plus black: give people calm, tranquil, tea fragrance, antique, affectionate, old, disappointed, restrained mind.
Yellow is the brightest of all colors, giving people a bright, agile, lively, light feeling. It has high brightness, high gaze, and is gentle, but yellow is too bright and dazzling, so yellow can be used as a warning color, such as outdoor work clothes, warning signs, traffic lights and so on.
Pure color mental characteristics: bright, cheerful, self-confidence, expectations, honor, precious, progressive, respectful, resourceful, alert, attention, suspicion.
Pure color and white: give people thin, tender, lovely, innocent, unambitious and insincere mind.
Pure color and black: give people expectation, variety, extreme poverty, vulgarity, secret and so on. green
Green symbolizes life, fragrance, peace, kindness, freshness, etc. Green is the most accustomed to the gaze of the human eye, has the function of eliminating fatigue, conditioning. The information that yellow green brings to spring is most popular among children and young people. Blue, green and dark green are the colors of ocean and forest. They are profound, steady, cool headed, intelligent and so on. Ash containing green, such as green, olive green, pickled vegetables green, dark green and other colors. The feeling of being old, old and deep is the color of people's extensive selection and military and police rules.
Pure color mental characteristics: vegetation, natural, fresh, quiet, comfortable, comfortable, peaceful, guaranteed, safe, reliable, trustworthy, just, calm, ambition, simple, ordinary, humble and so on.
Pure color plus white: gives people a straightforward, light, hearty and light heart feeling.
Pure color plus black: gives a stable, selfish, silent and painstaking mind.
Blue is the typical cold color, contrary to red and orange. It means silence, coolness, calmness, depth and transparency. With the continuous development of space work, it has also marked the modern sense of high technology.
Light blue is bright and inspiring, loved by young people, but not old enough to feel. Dark blue is cool and steady, and it is a favorite color for middle-aged people. It has a warm and fragrant group of cyan, which is full of attractive dark charms. Tibet blue gives people a magnanimous and serious image. Indigo and pullulan are widely used in the folk, and they seem to be signs of national characteristics.
Blue also has another aspect of temperament, such as stereotyped, cruel, sad, frightened, etc.
Purple is mysterious, honourable, beautiful, serious and luxurious. Sometimes it feels lonely and depressed. In particular, dark or dark grey purple gives people simple, pedantic and dead images. But light gray red or blue-purple, with similar sky, world color elegant, mysterious sense of the times, for modern life widely used. Purple simply causes depression and anxiety in the mind, but purple also gives people a sense of dignity and dignity, so women have a high taste for purple.
Pure color mental characteristics: morning glow, purple clouds, purple gas, dance hall, cafe, beautiful, elegant, noble, charming, gentle, precious, proud, dream, illusion, charm, pious.
Pure color plus white: feminine, elegant, and feminine.
Pure color plus black: gives people the feeling of hypocrisy, hope and loss of determination.
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