1. 易于识别
1. easy to identify
This is not just because it is not easy to use names and spelling with other signs, and there is an important reason that the name of the enterprise can convey more and more accurate content than the graphics in many cases. Enterprises often have such a misunderstanding in designing signs: they always give names and symbols some "profound" meaning, self righteously think how the inner spirit of the enterprise is embodied, and how to show the culture of the enterprise. But the reality is that the direct role of name and sign is more to distinguish between the same kind, the embodiment of other values, and the accumulation of brand assets, not its origin and meaning.
2. 便于应用
2. easy to apply
Simple names, especially English names, are beautiful and concise. When applied to various situations, they are seldom limited by specific conditions. Moreover, it can also enhance memory by pronunciation, and bring great benefits to internationalization. This association is an example. From the old logo to the new logo, Lenovo has made a big step in brand recognition. Many graphic symbols in design in order to distinguish from other signs, in a small place to spend a lot of thought, in the application of color has a lot of requirements, in the use of a lot of trouble, and the final result is only played the effect of decoration, which can be said to be a kind of behavior.
3. 便于培养客户忠诚度
3. to facilitate the training of customer loyalty
Many enterprises have a lot of brands, not to say that the ordinary consumer, is the long-term and brand dealing with people, and can not be able to quickly say which brand is from which enterprise. The enterprise name, brand name, symbol unified method, the enterprise information and brand information can be quickly conveyed to consumers, while reducing consumer trouble, it is undoubtedly more able to immediately "seize" consumers, and achieve a win-win business with consumers.
The backwardness of the Chinese brand, the expression on the recognition system can clearly see that when we see the tragic brand icon, we naturally sigh that the design level of China is backward and the brand concept is out of place, which can not be solved overnight. When one day, the Chinese old words in the visual transmission began to Haier, to the strong international brand, the top 100 brands of the world list, may have our Chinese brand.
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