The design of VI occupies an important position in the enterprise. VI design, the visual identity of enterprise, refers to the business philosophy under the guidance of the plane design method makes the enterprise and market positioning, visual image; as there is the difference between the enterprise independent legal society and its surrounding business survival and economic and social environment, contact and communication commonly used information platform.
VI design is very important for modern enterprises. Enterprises without VI are like money making machines without soul. They will make consumers have no concept of their businesses, which is extremely unfavorable for the growth and development of enterprises. Under the new market economy system of China, if a company wants to develop in the long run, a scientific image recognition system is indispensable. VI design has also become a run-up device for enterprises to take off.
Even some enterprises do not have their own logo image. They are simply trademarks of enterprise names, but they underestimate the potential value of VI design for them. Most of China's enterprises only pursue short-term economic benefits, but ignore the long-term potential brand interests of enterprises, so that enterprises can get stuck in an awkward situation and even be eliminated by fierce competition.
In the China enterprise is only a small part of the enterprise VI design is particularly good, although some enterprises in the production scale, technological innovation and other fields has reached the international advanced level, but because there is no good VI design, and no brand in the international market, and can be based on the world market Chinese enterprises is less little.
If Chinese enterprises want to connect with the international economy and gain greater profits, they want to have larger market share. Besides having better product quality and quality, they also need to have a scientific and reasonable VI image. The development of China's enterprises is generally late, and the cognition of the market to enterprises is generally lower than that of Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea.
If our enterprise product quality, enterprise scale, technical level, financial strength and international top brands to be roughly the same, but because we have no VI image, without promotion, consumers do not cognition, they would still choose the other national brands, so that our brand is difficult to have development, it is difficult to survive in the fierce market environment.