A, preparation stage: set up VI design team, understand digestion MI, determine the basic form of VI design, and collect relevant information to compare. The VI design team consists of people with different strengths.
The number is not much, but lean and effective. Generally speaking, the senior principal of the enterprise should be the person in charge. Because the person than the general management and designers of the enterprise's own understanding of the more thorough, macro grasp more ability. Other members of the industry are mainly professionals, mainly artists, supplemented by marketing personnel and Market Research staff. If conditions permit, they also invite professionals in aesthetics, psychology and other disciplines to participate in some design work.
B、设计开发阶段:基本要素设计 应用要素设计VI设计小组成立后,首先要充分地理解、消化企业的经营理念,把MI的精神吃透,并寻找与VI的结合点。这一工作有利于VI设计人员与企业间的充分沟通。在各项准备工作就绪之后,VI设计小组即可进入具体的设计阶段。
B, the design and development stage: the basic elements of design factors for the application of VI design team was established, we should fully understand and digest the enterprise business philosophy, a thorough understanding of the MI spirit, and look for the combination of VI and. This work is conducive to the full communication between VI designers and enterprises. After the preparations are made, the VI design team can enter the specific design phase.
C and feedback correction stage
D, investigation and revision feedback
E, revised and finalized: after the basic design of VI design, a larger range of investigations should be conducted to examine the details of VI design through the feedback of a certain number of different levels of research objects.
F, prepare VI Design Manual
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