A, obviously will also distinguish between the enterprises and other enterprises and establish the enterprise sectors obvious characteristics or other important features to ensure the independence of the enterprise in the economic activities and is irreplaceable; clear the market orientation of the enterprise, an important part of the intangible assets of the enterprise;
B conveys the business philosophy and corporate culture of the enterprise and promotes the enterprise in the visual form;
C attracts the public's attention and memory with its own unique visual symbol system, enabling consumers to have the highest brand loyalty of the products or services offered by the enterprise;
D, to enhance the company's staff recognition of the enterprise, and enhance enterprise morale.
The basic principles of VI design
The design of VI is not a mechanical symbolic operation, but a vivid expression of MI as its connotation. Therefore, VI design should be multi angle, all-round reflection of the enterprise's business philosophy.
The unity principle of A and style
B, the principle of intensifying visual impact
C, emphasizing the principles of humanity
D, the principle of enhancing national individuality and respecting ethnic customs
E, the implementation principle: VI design is not the designer's whimsical, but requires a strong implementation. If the implementation is too cumbersome, or because of the high cost of affecting the implementation, and then excellent VI design will be difficult to implement and become castles in the air, on paper.
F, in accordance with the principles of aesthetic law
G, the principle of strict management
The design of VI system in the implementation process, therefore, a multitude of things, for months and years in, to give full attention to the implementation of the personnel department or at random, in strict accordance with the provisions of the VI design manual execution, ensure that no deviation.
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