Vi 设计一般包括基础部分和应用部分两大内容。其中基础部分包括:企业的名称,标志,标识,标准字体,标准色,辅助图形,标准印刷字体,禁用规则等。而应用部分一般包括:标牌旗帜,办公用品,公关用品,环境设计,办公服装,专用车辆等
Vi design generally includes the basic part and application part of the two major contents. The basic parts include: enterprise name, logo, logo, standard font, standard color, auxiliary graphics, standard printing fonts, forbidden rules and so on. The application section includes: signs, flags, office supplies, public relations supplies, environmental design, office clothing, special vehicles, etc.
1, enterprise name: it is the most direct identification of other enterprises.
2 enterprise logo: can be divided into the enterprise's own identity and signs of goods,. It should be specific, systematic, unified, vivid and epochal.
3 企业标准字体:是将企业名称,企业商标名称,活动主题,广告语等字体进行整体组合而成的字体。其特点应具有识别性可读性设计性和系统性等。
3, enterprise standard font: is the enterprise name, enterprise trademark name, activity theme, advertising language and other fonts from the overall combination of fonts. Its characteristics should be identification, readability, design and systematicness.
4, enterprise standard color: refers to the enterprise through the visual transmission of color, set the reaction of enterprise unique spirit concept, organization IgoUgo, operation content, marketing and style appearance of the color of the state.
5 auxiliary graphics: an auxiliary visual element in the enterprise identity system. It includes 3 aspects: the enterprise form (mascot), the symbol design and the layout.
A mark is a sign indicating the characteristics of a thing. Its primary attribute is its ability to identify and reflect the attributes it represents, so the logo must be distinct.
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