Logo is an enterprise logo, the design of a logo for designers is a test, how can we make the design of logo more innovative?
1. ability to collect information
In order to collect, collect specification, scene definition, collection of outstanding cases can exercise our ability to collect information, the basic ability in daily work is also often used, such as demand before the need to collect background information, a clear understanding of what, why, how to do the problem.
2. ability to sum up
The collected information is summarized and sorted out, and a simple and reasonable classification process is given, which is the process of training our ability to sum up. At design time, large information architecture design, small form information classification display, all need this ability to help us better deal with information, and better display information to users.
3. comprehensive thinking ability
I've always thought that the ability to think comprehensively is the most important ability of interaction designers. In the finishing of specifications, both needs overall consideration on the overall situation, such as what is suitable for the dialog box, what is the different types of dialog box should in which scenes and so on; also need a comprehensive consideration of the details, such as the need to put a few buttons, dialog box button, the button order should be how to understand and how to copy. The same in daily work, not only to think about global problems, such as user goals, objectives, the overall product use process, but also think about the details of the problem, such as how to do, what are the abnormal limit etc..
4. ability to articulate
In the process of finishing and discuss, you can exercise their ability to express and convince each other's ability; in the output specifications, but also can exercise a clear description of the ability to help users quickly grasp the key points. One of the essential ability of expression ability is the interaction designer, because of the daily work often need and the middle and lower reaches of the colleagues communication, PK, clear expression ability can help designers in the overall thinking results to inform others, and persuade others, promoting the progress of work better.