VI即(Visual Identity),通译为视觉识别系统,是CIS系统具传播力和感染力的部分。是将CI的非可视内容转化为静态的视觉识别符号,以无比丰富的多样的应用形式,在为广泛的层面上,进行直接的传播。设计到位、实施科学的视觉识别系统,是传播企业经营理念、建立企业知名度、塑造企业形象的快速便捷之途。
VI (Visual Identity), pass into the visual recognition system is the CIS system and the dissemination of the most appealing part. It transforms the non visual content of CI into the static visual identification symbol, and carries on the most direct dissemination with the extremely rich and diverse application forms at the most widespread level. Designing and implementing scientific visual identification system is the fast and convenient way to spread enterprise management idea, establish enterprise popularity and mold enterprise image.
In the brand marketing of today, no VI for a modern enterprise, it means that its image will be submerged in the sea, let a person identify unclear; it means that it is a lack of spirit money making machine; means that its products and services have no personality, no attachment to its consumer; it means team morale and morale is low.
VI design generally includes the basic part and application part of the two major contents. The basic part includes: enterprise name, logo design, logo, standard font and color, graphics, fonts, standard printing disable rules and so on; and the application part includes: label flags, office supplies, office supplies, public environmental design, clothing, special vehicles and so on.
The role of an excellent VI design for an enterprise should lie in:
A, obviously will also distinguish between the enterprises and other enterprises and establish the enterprise sectors obvious characteristics or other important features to ensure the independence of the enterprise in the economic activities and is irreplaceable; clear the market orientation of the enterprise, an important part of the intangible assets of the enterprise;
B conveys the business philosophy and corporate culture of the enterprise and promotes the enterprise in the visual form;
C attracts the public's attention and memory with its own unique visual symbol system, enabling consumers to have the highest brand loyalty of the products or services offered by the enterprise;
D, to enhance the company's staff recognition of the enterprise, and enhance enterprise morale.
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